It sounds to me like you are a Bernie follower of the Socialistic type. Did you actually listen to the dems questioning Judge Kavanaugh? They all ask for an FBI investigation, which they know and if you have listened to any of it, the FBI investigation does not come to a conclusion. What kind of conclusion do you think anyone could honestly come up with, with the weak story Dr. Ford has, and all of her friends and supposed witnesses have discounted her stories. The Dems kept going after Kavanaugh to agree to an FBI investigation. All of the Dems have Kavanaugh convicted. You and the Dems think that a man is guilty, if a woman charges him, no matter that it is a dead in the water case from 36 years ago, that was never reported, and not one person has agreed with “this woman.” In case you don’t know the law, “a person is innocent, until proven guilty.” No proof of guilt exists, period, but you and your Dems all think a man is guilty, when a woman makes a charge. Oh, unless you are Keith Ellison, a Dem who has been accused by a woman of abuse, etc. The Dems have decided that Ellison is innocent. Hmmm is this strange that he is a Dem, and Kavanaugh is a Republic.

Somehow, it is hard for me to understand that you are disgusted, angry and unwilling to accept the actions of the Republican Senators. The Dems have been fighting tooth and nail with the GOP for the past eight years plus, and refuse to listen to reason, or try and work with the Republican party. Since they have been fighting for 8 years plus, I wonder what, or who got this situation started. In the past, the two parties mostly worked together to pass bills, etc. and do their jobs.

Now, They stand strong against anything the other party comes up with. These characters are voted in by the citizens, to represent the citizens in D.C., but all they do now is fight, and very seldom get anything positive done for the country. They get a great paycheck, have the best medical, dental and vision programs of anyone in the country. And if that isn’t enough, they have unlimited “sick” days, travel around the world on the taxpayers dime, and their work schedule, which none of them seem to acknowledge only calls for some six months of work, to earn all the benefits. It is no wonder we have so many of them that make careers out of the job that was only intended to be for a couple of terms, by the fore fathers. The only mistake the fore fathers made, is that they didn’t put that in writing.

Thomas Butler



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