One wonders where you acquire your misinformation – CNN no doubt. Going through your letter point-by-point, let us view your pointless viewpoint.

We need to listen to public health scientists: public health officials are bureaucrats, and certainly are not scientists. Oddly, scientists seem to be unheard by the bureaucrats.

Bureaucrats have taken the early predictions from doctors, notice I am not saying scientists, and have contorted their warnings, instilling panic and creating draconian rules, from which they obtain a degree of power, which they are obviously reluctant to relinquish.

Bureaucrats do not seem to remember the scientists have said isolation will not defeat the virus. Isolation will reduce the number of infected, so hospitals are not inundated; the flattened curve. And eventually, most people should circulate, acquire exposure and develop (herd) immunity.

Is your hospital currently inundated by people infected with virus? Where then is the point of isolation? The virus will still be there, and the government had time to prepare for it, but did they only publish unnecessary laws?

Bureaucrats have treated you callously by violating your civil rights. Your public servants treat you as a child. They are adamant, you remain isolated until they release you, or they will punish you, severely. And yet, you support them with all your witlessness. This calls to mind another concern; some of you are vacuous enough to even thank them for doing it.

And there are the flagrant lies the media publishes concerning their belief sunlight, heat and humidity will not kill the virus. Do some research on the issue, you will find real scientists say it is likely sunlight, heat and humidity will kill the virus. The only disagreement I have found are among the scientists that are positive sunlight will kill the virus. I have seen no remarks by scientists that contradict that belief. Since we have the sunny days and higher temperatures, it would seem a reasonable time to release the restrictions.

As to the University of Washington study, you no doubt took someone else’s word for the report, CNN again? Nevertheless, it says: based on recent information issues by the state: Wisconsin and Florida will peak from June to mid-July. All the midwestern states are to peak by the end of June, (that is the beginning of summer, not summer’s end) except Illinois and Missouri, which peaks by the end of May. California peaks between the end of May to mid-June and New York peaks by mid-May.

As to your panic and hate-stricken misinformation regarding Trump’s invocation of the Defense Production Act, here is a quote from his order: the Secretary of Agriculture “shall take all appropriate action…to ensure that meat and poultry processors continue operations consistent with the guidance for their operations jointly issued by the CDC and OSHA.” So, where do you get your misinformation?

Erick Schertell,



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