Dear Yucaipa City Council, Please consider these facts when voting for Waste Fee Increases now on our Property Tax bill.

The number of delinquent accounts for 5 years from 2014 till 2018 per Staff report February 25, 2019 is 4002 if divided by number of years that gives 800.4 delinquent accounts at 322.60 a year per Staff Report February 25th, 2019. That gives Burtec a $257,612.88 annual increase.

Has this increase been included in Burtec’s report requesting increased fees?

Recyclables? Other countries taking plastic to recycle like Vietnam, India and Pakistan have all had to stop taking plastics on and off to catch up with the demand. In fact India will no longer be accepting Plastics.

Other cities in the United States have made changes like:

Education so that only recyclable items are placed in the recycle bin.

Reduce what can be recycled. Recycling only that which is profitable.

Dual Stream Recycling, have the public sort cardboard form the plastics.

Updating optical sorting devices to make the sorting more cost effective.

Stop recycling all together.

Burtec knew this crisis of recyclables has been coming since China passed the Sword act in 2017.

What has Burtec done besides increasing fees and decreasing their responsibility for collecting theses fees?

We the citizens of Yucaipa need you to have a full understanding of this situation and request you do independent research and hold Burtec responsible for "sustainable" solutions.

Vanessa Register



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