As I sit here, I count my blessings for being an American. I believe we are not perfect. We learn something new every day. I tell people “I live in America and I have the freedom of speech.” I was very fortunate to have worked for decades and have been able to retire. I have grown to appreciate the differences in people. Life has not been easy ... it wasn’t supposed to be. We learn from our experiences, the knowledge we were able to obtain, the people who took the time to care, to share and to guide us in a positive direction. Of course being an American, I have the freedom of choice.

What saddens me today, on the news a young man was beaten because he was gay and a conservative. It was also stated that Maxine Waters proclaimed harm to all conservatives. Being a liberal means all must think like Maxine Waters? At my age of 73, I wonder why Maxine Waters is so hateful against Americans who believe differently than she. This is America. This is not Nazi Germany. Not other parts of the world that have the goal to destroy freedom.

Millions of Americans have fought for our freedom. This is America, this is where we have choices. We do not give into hatefulness. We do not have blinders on when harm is done to others who believe differently. We do not accept brain washing. We have the intelligence to know the difference between right and wrong. I believe that a difference of opinion is wise. I also believe that ending friendships because one is republican and one is a democrat is sad. I truly have not met a politician that cares about the people or knows the people. Learn from the differences in all of us. Gain from the wisdom of those who have survived what life has thrown at them.

Isn’t there enough evil in the world. Why wish harm on a conservative because they live in America and have the choice of what political party to follow.

We as Americans have so much to be thankful for We have a great military that protects us. We have a country that is great but is not perfect. But it is better than other countries.

I even get to write my opinion and won’t be put in prison. God bless the USA!

Geri Longfellow



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