This was my public comment at the city council meeting on Sept. 14. Three topics, three separate comments.

1. I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I do not support violence or destruction or the defunding or disbandment of law enforcement. I would like to see the city council draft and publicize a document proclaiming the city of Yucaipa’s commitment to equal rights, equal protection and equal treatment for all. I believe that additional education and training in dealing with mental illness or emotionally charged situations would be appropriate and beneficial for all of our first responders.

2 I want to reiterate my objection to the appointment of Bill Mecham to the rent control commission. He is smart, articulate, accessible and knowledgeable but I believe his past and present involvement with the mobile home park industry present a personal bias and a conflict of interest prohibited by the administrative rules of the rent control ordinance.

3. Regarding COVID-19: I understand that we all may have differing personal opinions regarding COVID safe policies and I would be happy to have a civilized discussion about the topic, however, there are now mandates in place. I think it would be appropriate and essential for all of our representatives at the local level to be strongly urged to comply with those mandates when attending public functions in an official capacity.

Jo Sutt



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