Emergency proclamation? I  find your headlines rather humorous and completely out of touch.

My wife and I have traveled to downtown Yucaipa on several occasions. In the last seven to 10 days and I am here to inform you most local businesses are open. Everything from the Mexican food small restaurants on Yucaipa Boulevard in Uptown. The tire sales places? Mechanics? Haircutting? And many others!

This is in sync with the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Governor of California thinking somehow citizens are listening or following their daily ramblings on television. I will take it a step further in saying I have witnessed many people utilizing these open businesses and walking and interacting without any mask? It’s all confusing!

One needs not to look any farther than the beaches in Southern California flooded with people laying on the beach, swimming, jogging etc...

Then we get to Mayor of Yucaipa David Avila and his article with smatterings of delusional thinking and completely assuming that all are social distancing, wearing masks, and following some twisted limited large gatherings? I was up on HWY 38 on Sunday and witnessed hundreds of people swimming and enjoying the creek while in large groups and no masks. I don’t know what world these so called leaders live in but, it simply is not the world I have witnessed.

Living off the government allows those in charge to agree and say anything as it is not them that are going without income, paid bills, and employment ... this virus has done some devastation but, also makes those listening and watching ask what is going on?

Calvin Winchell



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