It seems that, like everyone else, I could sure use a new car. Maybe an electric one. I want to save energy. My old one uses gasoline. Electric is pure, clean and free, I checked the internet. Oops I was partially right. Electric is pure and clean but it does come from somewhere and surprise, surprise, costs something. In fact studies show that driving electric car can cost similar, if not more, than a conventional car. What? 

I want to save the planet and save energy in my next car choice. It occurred to me that creating a “new car” electric or not, uses a lot of energy. Perhaps making my current auto last longer could delay at least at least delay summoning a new car. I totally forgot my current budget of retirement is unready for new car payments. I can barely afford to fix things on my old car. I have to be “nice” to it.

My job in protecting the environment is going to be making my old standby car last longer and maybe driving fewer miles. And I wil save a few bucks to boot. Like my dad used to say, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Randy Main



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