Just when I thought the city of Yucaipa could not make more of a mess of the Boulevard, they are at it again. Thought we were supposed to be a rural town, now they continue to want to be like the big boys and beautify the Boulevard. I have no problem with that as such, but you are doing away with more parking for places like the Kopper Kettle where parking is at a premium during their bust time.

The city council makes it hard enough for small businesses to start up here and now they seem to want to make it difficult for those that are doing well to continue.

Every time I go down the Boulevard around 15th etc. everything is a mess, but I never see anyone working. I have lived in this town for 70 years. Did not vote for it to be a city to start with because it was not hard to foresee this. Too bad the city council does not think things through before they start on something that affects everyone driving down these streets. Maybe some money should go into repaving exiting streets instead of doing something not necessary.

Jackie Deaton



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