As an immune compromised senior citizen, I frequently utilize Door Dash meal delivery. Today, after they confirmed with a Yucaipa restaurant a complete breakfast with all the trimmings, their Dasher delivered a plate containing a piece of chicken fried steak and a slice of bread, nothing else that was supposed to complete the order. I phoned the restaurant, where a rude and disrespectful woman answered the phone, told me I was mistaken, had the wrong restaurant, and there was no ticket for my order in their store.

First of all, the “meal” came with a printed receipt showing the restaurant’s name, address, and 20 dollar fee charge to my credit card. Also, I followed the Dasher delivery on my computer and through phone texts. I explained all of this to her and asked to speak to the manager. She replied, “There is no manager here,” then she hung up on me.

I phoned the corporate office in Spartanburg, South Carolina and discovered the store was franchised and their corporate people would lodge my complaint with the owner. Then I phoned Door Dash and their representative was profusely apologetic and refunded my card immediately.

Yucaipa is growing and there is a banquet of restaurants from which one might choose great service as well as a good meal. The franchise owner should spend some time explaining to employees that they are in a relatively small but growing community and those who live and spend money here, need to be taken care of. I, for one, shall never use that restaurant again.

Maria De Felice



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This article is written excellently :)

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