Watch out! He’s a veteran hand-cougher.

Look out! He just wiped his nose (with his fingers).

Get out of the room; he’s still sneezing.

He’s in charge of the health of millions.

Don’t you think he’d know-?

Who better than Pence to handle this debacle?

Who better than Pence to make them tow the line?

Who better than Pence to unify and shackle any attempt to tell the whole truth, maybe save a few lives?

Watch out! He’ll make ev’ryone feel better.

Look out! Lull you, comatose (put you under).

Some doubt quell the panicked stock market.

He’s in charge of the health of millions ...

Who better than Pence …

Look at all his qualifications, his reputation for three versions of truth.

Look at all the ramifications, not that it matters to me or to you.

Watch out! You’re a world-renowned doctor.

Look out! He just canceled your shows (health interviews).

No doubt not as bad as you offer. He’s in charge of the health of millions ...

Who better than Pence?

Did he really just shake hands with an infected kid? And now he wants to shake your hand ...

Mike Terry



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