Does the start date of Nov. 30, for the destruction of the natural habitat in the “Wilson Basin” indicate that the bulldozers will not be coming?

Yucaipa City Manager has stated for many years that this project is needed to save the Dunlap area from flooding. With the completion of the 13th Street bridge, I would think nothing else would be necessary. The low point in the flood control channel has been raised, thereby eliminating the chance of Dunlap being inundated by rain runoff again. What part of Dunlap remains in danger of flooding?

If this area has been causing all these flooding problems since 1993, why has it taken so long for the city to take action. Apparently, the city and the city council cannot deal with land within the city limits that does not have concrete or buildings of some sort on it. Grant or no grant, this basin project is a negligent waste of public funds.

John Lane



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