I am very concerned about the recent decimation of the USPS. The President’s newly appointed postmaster general has made a commitment to slow down the delivery of the mail. There is no real reason to do so right now, as so many of us now rely heavily on the mail due to the coronavirus.

It seems unbelievable that anyone could slow down a much needed service, yet that is exactly what the postmaster general is doing. His timing is very suspicious, since so many Americans will be voting by mail this election year. It has far reaching consequences for many of us senior citizens and others who need a functioning post office.

Joyce Smith



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Steve M

Donald Trump admitted publicly that the more people who vote, the more likely it is that the Republicans will lose. So for anyone who believes that this postal service slowdown on the eve of the election is just a coincidence, I have some nice ocean-front property in Indio that I'll sell you cheap.

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