One Saturday evening, when I lived in the first block west of a railroad track on Harding Avenue, in Hollydale, Southgate, I heard fire sirens. I imagined that these fire engines were on the way to put out a fire at a house. The house was on Main Street, which is the first street north of Harding Avenue. I wondered what the cause of the fire was.

The next morning in Sunday school, one of my friends who lived on Main Street, was trying to read something to the class at my church. He was having a hard time reading what he wanted to read to us. His trouble was that he was haunted by his memory of seeing a woman’s body sitting in a recliner at her house, and he had walked down Main Street, across the railroad tracks, to see what had happened. He saw the body of a woman sitting in a recliner, which the firefighters had pulled out of a burning house. She had fallen asleep while smoking a cigarette in her recliner and the cigarette had set the recliner on fire. The cyanide fumes from the burning recliner had killed her.

Another situation to avoid is smoking while riding in a car. If the person who is riding in the car is smoking a cigarette and falls asleep, that can set the car seat on fire, producing cyanide, which has the potential to kill both the driver and the passenger and cause a traffic accident. If a person does smoke a cigarette, while riding in a car and finishes the cigarette, he should not throw it our the window, because then it could set something on fire outside of the car, including dry grass, so that there is a brush fire, or possibly even a forest fire. The remaining stub of a cigarette could also damage the tire of another vehicle. If the cigarette butt does not cause damage to the tire of another vehicle, it might be found by some youngster who is curious and that youngster could take it, light it and smoke it and then start smoking. He would then have the bad habit of smoking.

Robert C. Barlow



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