I find myself as so many others unable to stay silent in the times we are facing. I doubted myself; my voice couldn’t bring any change. I knew staying silent was not the answer. We all have a voice and finding away for it to be heard will be our legacy. We follow in the steps of some many others that ensured their voices were heard. Social injustice to black Americans, people of color is not a new landscape in American history. From native American genocides, to black American slavery, our country has seen too many years of unrest. The fight for the civil rights movement worked tirelessly for change.

Now in the year 2020, America has fallen backwards. Now, injustice and racism are even more apparent, boiling over. There remains no moral reasoning for continued violent acts and hate speech toward minorities. Yes, we have the 1st. Amendment, freedom of speech. However, a line is drawn when it is hate speech. Hate speech creates acts of aggression and division.

Our leaders serve, or at least should be role models of positive values and morals that bring people together. To govern for all, not a select few. I want to live in an America in which I and my fellow Americans can feel free from harm. Do we not all bleed the same color? Why then do some feel above others, treat minorities less than? It’s shameful to make anyone feel less than just because of the color of one’s skin.

I ask, what as Americans can we do? Educate if not already on the meaning of cultural sensitivy and put it into practice. Check your actions and words towards others before you act or speak. What we may think is culturally appropriate may not be for another. We all need to continue to ask for a stop in violent acts of harm from those in power. They are not the judge and executioner. In addition, the public officials, government leaders need to stand arm in arm with the black Americans and all minorities in which social injustice is high. To show continued unity and denounce negative hate speech and acts of violence.

Am I and so many others asking for too much? I think not, its common sense. It’s common human rights.

Josephine Rawlinson



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