This pandemic has shaken me. But you have broken me. You have destroyed my faith.

You call yourself a Christian. A Muslim. A Jew. But you forsake the golden rule of doing onto others as they would do onto you. You call forth a plague upon your neighbors. You hypocritically demand to control women’s bodies to protect the unborn, and yet you intentionally endanger the most vulnerable among the living.

When you walk down the aisle at the grocery store with your mask on your chin, proud of the way you part the sae as others give you a 6-foot berth, know that you are a false prophet, and let that distance be a symbol of your relationship with your God.

When you sit at the diocese as an elected official ... When you ignore science and public health policy meant to protect everyone, that apathy and self-centeredness speaks for itself.

Humanity is something that is earned. It is something that is practiced. It is infused in our everyday decisions and behaviors.

So, congratulations to all of you non-maskers. The pandemic may not kill us, but you are destroying our community with something far more generous: your sheer, selfish cruelty.

Becky Izquierdo



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No Mask isssue ,doesn’t really matter if you wear a mask or not ,I still got covid, however I rarely leave the house and always have a mask on .Sounds to me that your Christian faith shouldn’t be judging people!!

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