I read the Letter to the Editor – no legal marijuana, so I’m asking too, why all the alcohol, written by Roz Casarez?  I strongly agree with Roz. Almost every family activity that takes place within the city has a beer garden.

I think this is a very bad example to our children and young adults. The young watch and think that beer drinking is okay because adults do it. Well it’s not okay, these adults drink and drive which is certainly not okay, and most times have kids in the car with them which is really not okay.

At graduation time our high school brings in wrecked cars to encourage students not to celebrate with alcohol and then drive. I sort of wonder how many of the parents celebrate their child’s graduation by drinking and driving.

My wish is that the city could sponsor more activities like concerts in the park without any beer gardens and no smoking is allowed. I don’t believe in drinking alcohol to excess in any way shape or form but there are places that people can drink without influencing young people and away from the family environment.

After reading Raz’s comments I felt like I needed to make some of my own.

Sonja Roop



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