I noticed in the San Bernardino Sun (see RHNA housing permit goals) the other day that Yucaipa and Calimesa both received low to failing grades for permits for building affordable housing. Whilst by no means the only communities doing a poor job in this regard (see Beaumont - disgraceful), I’m sure we can do better.

In Yucaipa there have been and are several projects for senior affordable housing, but what about younger people and families? Clearly we can only issue permits for what builders propose, but perhaps some areas should be zoned for multifamily housing only. I remember when starting out on my own renting an apartment in an apartment complex, but I don’t see many being built these days. It’s nearly all large single family homes on small lots. Next time another senior housing complex comes up for a vote, how about throwing it open to a wider audience?

David Alban



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We didn’t move to Yucaipa so we could live among apartments with transient renters. Duh. If you like that move to San Bernardino or some other urban area.


Why would you immediately assume a young person who can’t afford to buy a house yet, must be forced to move to San Bernardino to what you call an [urban area]? First, how ageist of you. Why would you expect young Yucaipa residents to move out of their home town, just because they can’t afford to buy a $500,000+ house at 18-30 years old yet, while they attend college and work towards their goals? Is it too much for you to comprehend that there are working class families who live in Yucaipa, and not only independently wealthy families. Ones who expect their adult children to support themselves when they grow up? These young adults certainly aren’t transient as you call them. You haven’t left out any of the buzz words to paint the very worst picture of the very worst apartment renter. However, there are more people who can’t afford to buy a house right now than can, especially from the ages of 18-35. So are you saying that Yucaipa doesn’t want anyone in that age group living here? There is a shortage of houses to buy in the state of CA as well. Just ask any realtor, and they’ll tell you there are no houses to bid on. My son and his wife/family are moving to Idaho for this very reason. The question is, why is Yucaipa sitting on their hands at this crucial time, in such need as this, and not filling supply when there is such demand in both housing need arenas? They have proven that apartments can be built with dignity and class, so do it again, just do it already Yucaipa. If it’s legal, See how you can find a grant for providing reserved housing for purchasing/ renting for Yucaipa residents only at first to see what the response level is. The people will love you for it! God knows we need the jobs in the area!

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