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This week, I had the privilege of attending and reporting on the Crafton Hills College’s Scholarship Donor/Recipients Reception. One thing that’s always been imparted on me by my family and mentors is the importance of getting a good education. It’s something that will prepare you for your f…

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Back in 2011, I had to make a big decision: follow the Lord’s call into vocational ministry, which meant leaving my business, or ignore the Lord’s call and maintain the status quo. As a believer, I knew the right decision was to obey, but as a husband and father, I struggled with questions a…

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I find it odd that I have never read a comment about some of the things I have noticed going on for years around Yucaipa — the biggest being the seasonal activities, carnivals and casino nights a local church puts on all throughout the year.

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Make a Difference Day weekend is finally here. Many residents are scheduled to participate in the city-wide clean up day.

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