At times our view of democracy is influenced by our position on certain issues. After reading the article about our community responding to the recall of three Yucaipa councilmembers, perhaps it is time to take a step backwards and understand what “representative democracy” is all about. Ms. Lockney stated, “So is that what this has come to? When these men make a decision that these people don’t like you threaten a recall? That would be to suggest that you don’t appreciate the democratic republic that this nation was founded on.”

Anyone who serves in elected office is accountable to the people they represent. Yucaipa has outlined methods for removing people from office who the citizens, who elected them, no longer feel are being represented them correctly. This is the very essence of representative democracy.

When this happens too often or on too big a scale, citizens have a right, and perhaps even an obligation to try and remove them. And all voting citizens don’t agree with the recall effort, it will fail.

I too have been a little concerned as I read articles in the News Mirror about what appear, to me, to be questionable tactics concerning the resignation of the city manager position, replacement methodologies, and adjustments in zoning density in the north bench area. In this recall effort, there will be a number of accusations made about what has been voted and done by the council members, or what has not been done. My obligation, as a citizen it to look carefully at all sides and make my decision.

Please let people on all sides speak what’s on their mind, make their case, study the issue for yourself, vote, and move on as friends and fellow community members! I’m sure I can still care for those who have a different political viewpoint than myself.

Charles Castle



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