It appears that the mayor and city council of both the city of Yucaipa and the city of Calimesa are preparing themselves and others to be sued in the United States District Court and sued in their individual capacity for their proposed unlawful actions against law-abiding medical marijuana growers and providers.

This author personally does not smoke, drink, or do any drugs and never has. He however has obtained much medical benefit and natural pain relief from marijuana edibles pursuant to a lawful doctors recommendation.

First, no absolute judicial immunity, quasi judicial immunity, good-faith immunity, police officers immunity, or qualified immunity will protect you and others from such a court action because all perceived offices remains vacant due to the fact that all of the above-mentioned officers have failed, refused, or neglected to swear, or affirm, and then subscribe (sign) the California constitutionally mandated oath of office.

This problem applies to any unconstitutional actions by a State Administrative Law judge or to any other officer of the court or officer of the law who attempts to enforce any Administrative Law rulings, judgments, or orders.

A due diligent search of the records indicates that all of the above have failed, refused, or neglected to swear or affirm, and then subscribe (sign) the constitutionally mandated oath of office as mandated by the 1789.A.D. Constitution for the state of California, at Article XX, Section 3, paragraph 2 through 4. This simply means that all of those sued will be paying your own attorney fees as no one can conduct a truly "official act," without first complying with the constitutionally mandated oath of office.

There are about six other competent jurisdictional problems that can and will be squarely presented and addressed in the suggested United States District Court action, where we can and will appeal this if necessary all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States of America as this issue presents a federal question of great public interest as a qualification.

Robert Eugene



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