The concerns of many residents on traffic and warehouses are real. Our city of Calimesa was formed to have quality not quantity developments, honor its natural settings, to have a rural and open space atmosphere, sensitive planning, friendly pedestrian downtown with meandering sidewalks. Open space, wildl-ife corridor’s and a extensive trails system. Read our Vision and Mission Statements.

In 2015 the former city Council voted on size of Warehouses to be no more than 250,000 square feet or less and put in place with requirements.

The current city council has changed the Warehouse size to 700,000, plus square feet with 2.25 million to be developed on the west side of I-10 in Oak Valley, using the Singleton Road off and on ramps yet to be developed.

If the city staff, engi-neer/planning and the current Council did not mitigate the 2005 EIR and Specific Plan to address the interchange at Singleton and the I-10 to include, the on and off ramps to to be double lane, one lane for big rigs only, than Calimesa and the residents are going to have a traffic mess.

The city did not have any forward thinking or planning for the Roundabout on Countyline Road and Bryant. It has been closed since April with little work being done why is that? Detouring traffic onto Douglas, a small street of 25 miles an hour, with no thought of how it impacts that street and the residents is unacceptable. The traffic starts at 1 a.m. and goes non-stop to about 11 p.m. Most traffic is not Calimesa residents it comes from other areas. There is no speed enforcement or extra slowdown/25MPH signs placed. There is racing of vehicles and motorcycles. A neighbor was broadsided, and I almost was broadside getting in my drive way, as most of this traffic will not slow down. There is trash thrown all over the side of the road. This traffic also impacts Ave L. No forethought by the city.

So yes, be prepared for mega warehouses and mega traffic.

The Vision and Mission Statements may need to be changed, to Calimesa city of warehouses and traffic.

Joyce McIntire



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This letter is right in point. These idiots on city councils keep approving warehouses which bring no benefits to any community. None.

Traffic by big rigs clog freeways, city streets and other roads. The streets and freeways get torn up by truck traffic causing the taxpayers to pay to repair the rigs, cracks, potholes and the like.

The property tax on warehouses is nil since the contents can’t be taxed. Warehouses bring little employment, mostly minimum wage jobs which are eventually replaced by robots.

Warehouses bring nothing to any community and any politicians that vote for them should be removed come election time.

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