Last week, Father Simion Poptelecan wrote an excellent Letter to the Editor. He told of his personal experience of living in a country led by an autocratic leader. Father Simion shared his observations of how our country is facing increasing peril. The misinformation that he described has overwhelmed our public discourse. Father Simion further des-cribed the actions of former President Trump that resembled the very oppression he fled.

I recommend viewing “How to Become a Tyrant” on Netflix. This documentary made long before Trump’s presidency shows the characteristics and behavior of past tyrants. It is amazing how closely Trump shared these tyrant’s actions.

Donald Trump admired autocratic leaders and strong men around the world including Putin and Kim Jong-Un. Trump took steps to become an autocratic leader including his attempts to push aside the will of the people who voted him out of office.

Donald Trump’s legal problems continue to grow as it was recently revealed that he lied on a sworn document claiming invalid votes that he already knew was false.

Donald Trump’s inner circle as well as family members have given sworn testimony of his many illegal actions. Knowing this, why do so many Americans continue to support Donald Trump? Why do so many Republican leaders refuse to acknowledge his illegal behavior, other than immediately after an event such as Jan. 6? Their behavior is only adding further fuel to the fire.

Our democracy is in peril and only we can save it. We must rise above partisan politics and seek the truth. We must insist on election integrity which will only exist if our newly elected officials do not overturn election results. With so many election deniers on the ballot for offices overseeing elections, this is a very real threat.

I pray that our country will recenter itself. I pray that we can find honorable leaders at every level of government. The honor code is simple, “I will not lie, cheat, or steal; nor will I tolerate those who do.” A return to honor means we will not tolerate liars like Trump. It means we will reject other leaders who tolerate Trump’s lies.

Tom Cowan



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Steve M

Right on target! What amazes me is how the Trumpers claim to be for individual freedom, yet try to eliminate reproductive and voting rights, ban books that don't fit their ideology, and other Fascist-style actions.

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