I find it odd that I have never read a comment about some of the things I have noticed going on for years around Yucaipa — the biggest being the seasonal activities, carnivals and casino nights a local church puts on all throughout the year.

These types of events bring in the public and people who don’t go to church or have a relationship with God. Events should be used to draw people into church and cause them to want to live for God.

What I have seen with my own eyes and read in the paper is not right, such as selling beer on church property, and gambling. Alcohol ruins so many lives and so many marriages.

The bible clearly talks about not doing things that could cause someone to stumble.

Don’t they consider that there might be people in the church who are struggling with alcohol and gambling and other addictions? If there was even one person who struggled with it why would you have host events that could possibly justify someone who does not know better, or what about people who know better but still continue to do it because elders and people they respect are participating in these events?

I was walking by on a carnival night a few months ago they were serving beer and there was a secular band playing songs full of lewd innuendo. I stood across the street and wondered how can all the people who go to church there be a part of this?

When did the church start compromising the Word of God to get money?

When did they start operating like the world in order to pay the bills?

If you are seeking God and following Him He will provide. One thing I can say for certain if Jesus was there He would turn all the tables over. 

Lisa Weissenfels



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I don't know where and when this happened, but I agree with the writer.

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