Lorraine Baumann Reagan

Lorraine Baumann Reagan, 95, died July 5, 2020, at Cypress Cove Lodge, Ft. Myers, Fla.

She was born in Redlands on Sept. 6, 1924, and grew up in Oak Glen.

Her love of music fueled her career choices, beginning as a musical director for the traveling group, MRA, Up With People, and ended before retiring, as a professor at the University of Miami. At 95 years old, she continued to focus on her love of music, playing for the Cypress Cove Singers and entertaining family and friends with her amazing talent.

Her nickname was “Tigger” because of her upbeat and irrepressible nature. Lorraine was a lifelong learner. She challenged herself by memorizing poems, music, and scripture. She was even learning French, and translated stories from French to English. She loved sharing her gift of music and encouraging fledgling musicians.

Lorraine was a true inspiration to others and a joy to be with. She is be greatly missed.

Lorraine is survived by her sister, Lana Petersen, brother-in-law, Erik Petersen, and seven nieces and nephews, (Beverly, Janice, David, Marian, Judy, Larry and Nicholas).

Due to COVID-19, there will be no services.