At the Dec. 22 Yucaipa Valley Water District board meeting, General Manager Joe Zoba brought to the board a consideration of a development agreement with ACAA Limited Partnership for the Yucaipa Gateway Plaza Project in Yucaipa. The board passed the item unanimously.

On Jan. 16, 2018, the board of directors approved a development agreement to provide services for the AM/PM gas station located on Parcel 1 of the Yucaipa Gateway Project at the corner of Oak Glen Road and 14th Street.

The Yucaipa Gateway Plaza consists of four parcels to be developed as a commercial center with the following businesses: (1) an existing gas station, (2) a fast food restaurant, (3) 92-room hotel and (4) open space and retention pond.

Zoba said, “This item we have been working on for a number of years, where the developer has developed out an AM/PM on the corner of 14th Street and Oak Glen Road.”

Zoba continued with, “The developer and property owner are now ready to move forward with additional facilities and buildings. They have moved a couple of structures around and eliminated one of the earlier proposed structures on this site.”

The district will be providing sewer service to the project and Western Heights Mutual Water Company will be providing water service. A sewer mainline that extends from the south side of Interstate 10 to the public right-of-way on 14th Street will include the installation, construction and operation of sewer infrastructure necessary to provide sewer service to all four parcels of the Yucaipa Gateway Plaza Project.

This development agreement will require the construction, inspection and acceptance by the district of the entire sewer mainline to the existing sewer mainline located on 14th Street prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the city of Yucaipa for any structure(s) on Parcel 2, Parcel 3 or Parcel 4. The district will plug the sewer mainline downstream of the project in order to protect downstream facilities until the entire sewer mainline is accepted and approved by the district.  

The agreement will include the construction of a sewer pipeline that will cross Interstate 10 but that item will be brought back to the board at a later date.

Director Dennis Miller asked, “Do we already have a sewer line that runs parallel with the flood control channel underneath the freeway? Are we enlarging it, putting in another one or is there not one there now?”

Zoba answered, “We do have one that runs parallel but it is on the west side. It does cross I-10, coming across by Play Toys and then it goes back under the wash as a siphon. What we would end up doing is tying into the sewer line and then running down the east side of the channel. Subsequently, the sewer would extend all the through this project and all the way out to 14th Street, at which point it could go all the way up Oak Glen Road and pick up some of the area that is undeveloped.”

Miller asked if part of the development agreement said the developer was to share some of the cost for the sewer.

Zoba answered, “The developer is paying for the easement and capacity fees. Since the bore and jack is a regional project, the district would pay for the bore and jack under Interstate 10. The developer is paying for its sewer. A big part of the off-set is the payment of their development impact fees when they build the hotel and things like that. Those fees go to pay ultimately a portion of some of those costs like lift stations as well as the interceptors.”

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