Does your household have hazardous waste?  The city of Yucaipa, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, and San Bernardino County Fire Protection District will host the 2020 HHW/E-Waste Collection on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, from 8 a.m. to noon at the Yucaipa Equestrian Center, 13273 California St., for Yucaipa area (San Bernardino County residents only) residents.

Identification is required as proof of San Bernardino County residency. Transport no more Than 15 gallons or 125 pounds in containers no larger than 5-gallons per trip. All HHW shall remain in the back of the vehicle (except for sharps containers that shall remain in the passenger seat). Waste will not be accepted before 8 a.m. or after noon.

Additionally, in consideration of COVID-19 related restrictions on social gatherings, please remain in your vehicle at all times and if you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, we ask that you not attend and instead, return after 14 days to one of our permanent collection sites.  masks are required at all times.

Please contact the HHW office at 382-5401 or 1-800-OilyCat (645-9228) or visit for more information.

Bring your unwanted:

•    Motor Oil/used filters

•    Batteries

•    Paint products

•    Antifreeze

•    Household cleaners

•    Pesticides/ fertilizers

•    Medications (separate liquids from solids) excluding controlled substances

•    Home generated sharps (in approved container)    •    Televisions

•    Computer monitors

•    CPUs and printers

•    Fluorescent tubes

•    Microwave ovens

•    Cell phones/ phones

•    Space heaters

•    Stereos/radios

•    VCRs/DVD players

•    Clothes iron

•    Music cards

Please do not bring:

•    Business/commercial waste, waste from foreclosed properties, non-profit organizations, asbestos, explosives, radioactive waste, medical waste, non-sharps medical waste, reactives, appliances, furniture or air conditioners.


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