Yucaipa to get ice skating rink

The ice skating rink will be located in Uptown Yucaipa, next to Yucaipa Performing Arts Center. 

Just in time for an festive winter wonderland, Uptown Yucaipa will be the place to be for fun activities, including WinterFest and a temporary ice skating rink. Yucaipa City Council unanimously approved the temporary ice skating rink at its meeting on Sept. 13. The Uptown rink and the 2021 WinterFest plan was introduced by Yucaipa Director of Community Services Megan Wolfe. “I’d like to ask everyone here, or listening tonight, who has ever watched a Hallmark movie?  We all know that it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. That’s exactly what our WinterFest does. It truly is a magical event.” The ice rink, said Wolfe, would help Yucaipa become a destination this holiday season. The skating rink is scheduled to sit between the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center and Brewcaipa, in the gravel lot. The rink, including staff costs, is not expected to bring in enough revenue to cover its cost, which is approximately $143,000. The admittance price of $20-$30 per person will help offset the cost, leaving about an anticiapted cost of $38,000 for the city. Wolfe said the temporary skating rank will be enclosed in a tent and it will be open from Nov. 27, 2021, through Jan. 3, 2022. There is a designated space with fire pits for customers to warm up in addition to a changing area. “Are we going to advertise this? It will be a big draw if we approve it,” said Councilmember Bobby Duncan. Councilmember David Avila was reserved in his decision to approve the agenda item. “I want to express ... that’s a lot of money,” said Avila. “I am waffling on this. I am hoping that we make it successful ... and no matter what happens, we are going to lose about $40,000. I’m going to approve it but that’s my cautionary note.” Yucaipa’s annual WinterFest will be held in Uptown Yucaipa on Nov. 27


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