In the city’s efforts to continuously improve services to residents and property owners, the city of Yucaipa is offering over-the-counter plan review and permit approval services for certain types of Building and Safety permit applications.  Typically, the city will review plans submitted as part of a complete Building and Safety Permit/Plan Review application, and within 10 business days can issue a Building and Safety permit or provide a request for plan corrections to the applicant.  According to Mayor Greg Bogh, “The city of Yucaipa continues to look for ways to improve customer service to our residents.  During these times when construction and home improvement activity is high, the city engaged contractors and other members of the building/construction community to provide input into the city’s building and safety permit application and plan review processes in an effort to further improve the city’s current process.  Based on feedback received, a streamlined permit application process for smaller more common projects that do not require an extensive plan review process has been implemented.”

The city will be providing over-the-counter plan review services every Wednesday from 1 to 4:30 p.m. on a first-come first-served basis for the following types of Building and Safety Permit applications:

• Standard pool/spa projects.

• Standard Pre-engineered Patio Cover projects (ICC, IAPMO, City Standard, etc.).

• Patio Cover projects not requiring engineering/structural calculation review.

• Retaining/masonry walls constructed per approved City Standards.

• Solar projects for single family homes.

• Minor room additions, less than 500 square feet and not requiring engineering/structural calculation review.

• Minor tenant improvement projects.

• Septic systems with established soil percolation rate and system size identified.

All plan reviews will require a completed permit application, site plan, and a complete set of plans for projects requiring plans.  Incomplete permit applications or incomplete plan sets will not be reviewed through this streamlined service.  

Building and Safety permit applications for other major more complex projects will also be received during this time and will continue to be processed through the normal 10-day process.

Yucaipa City Hall is located at 34272 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa.

For additional information regarding this service please contact the city of Yucaipa Building and Safety Division at 1-909-797-2489 Ext. 269 or 258.


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