Planning Commission

Senior housing unit to be built between the Fifth Street Marketplace and the Stater Bros. shopping center on Yucaipa Boulevard.

The Yucaipa Planning Commission met on Oct. 7 for a public hearing to discuss a minor general plan amendment to change from a General Commercial District to a Multiple Residential along with amending the zoning ordinance for the parcel of a 32-unit senior housing residential project, located behind 34380 Yucaipa Blvd. Also staff asked the commission to review the architectural design and conceptual landscaping for the proposed project at this time. The commission approved to recommend the project to the Yucaipa City Council for final approval.

The project site is located on a vacant, approximately 1.8 acre property, between the Fifth Street Marketplace and the Stater Bros. shopping center, and directly behind the Cuca’s restaurant. The area is surrounded by residential uses to the north, commercial uses to the west, south, and east.

The new units constructed will all be one bedroom, two bath floorplans with 919 square-feet of habitable living space. Private amenities to serve the residents of the development will include open space, common area landscaping and covered parking. Features include a community focal point consisting of a landscaped courtyard, clubhouse, covered terrace, dog park that will serve the residents onsite and sidewalks that will connect the units to those proposed landscaped amenities. In addition, a decorative pedestrian access is proposed to connect the proposed development to the adjacent Fifth Street Marketplace. Each residential unit is provided with its own private yard or patio which exceeds the city’s minimum requirement of 100 square feet. Project fencing includes a block wall along the applicable perimeter of the site.

Planning Manager/City Planner Benjamin Matlock  said, “All the units are the same size with one bedroom units and all provide private use either on the ground floor or as a patio on the second floor units.”

The project features a more modern architectural style which is intended to compliment the facade update that is currently under construction for the portions of the Fifth Street Marketplace but also features its own unique design elements that are specific to a residential project.

Matlock said, “The conceptual landscaping shows good buffering landscaping around the project site adjacent to the commercial uses. Plenty of recreational space is within the interior of the project to serve the residents that would live in the property.”

“As noted this is a general plan amendment to change the land use designation from general commercial to residential and so with that action, it does require city council approval. This proposed project is to receive a recommendation from the planning commission for city council decision. City council will be the ultimate deciding body for the proposed project.” Matlock concluded.


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