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The single family subdivision project is between Douglas and Fremont Streets in Yucaipa. 

The Yucaipa Planning Commission met on June 17 to review and approve a revision to the previously approved Tentative Tract Map 19901 for Pacific Horizon Builders. This 22-lot single-family, residential subdivision project site is generally rectangular in shape and spans across four parcels that totals approximately 12.33 acres. The subject properties are located between Douglas and Fremont Streets, south of Avenue D and north of Avenue E. The property is zoned as single residential and each individual lot is to be a minimum lot size of 20,000 square feet.

The property was improved with a single-family residence; however, that structure has since been demolished as part of the development. The surrounding land uses consist entirely of single-family residences.

“On Sept. 16, 2015, the planning commission approved Case No. 14-138 for a 21-lot single-family subdivision with a lettered lot for drainage purposes and a Not-A-Part lot improved with a residence,” said Assistant Planner Travis Heaps.

Heaps continued to say, “At that time, the project was approved for a perimeter block wall. After the Sept. 16 hearing, the developer acquired the Not-A-Part lot and added the lots onto part of the tentative tract map which increased the overall lots from 21 lots to 22 lots. This change did not require planning commission approval because it was within substantial conformance with what was approved.”

Individual rain gardens originally planned for each individual lots have since been removed. The revision to the project includes the installation of a 6 foot tall PVC fence in lieu of a 6  foot block wall, as well as an addition of a 5 foot tall split-fence wall that backs up to the edge of the building area of the individual lots and architectural review for all 22 lots.

“The block wall is still proposed on lots that are adjacent to the public thoroughfares along Fremont and Douglas Streets. The changes are limited to the north and south sides of the property lines,” said Heaps.

The applicant had agreed, at the request of the planning commission (request from Sept. 16, 2015 meeting), to construct single-story residences to address privacy concerns from some of the surrounding property owners. The residences will range in size from 2,358 square feet to 2,819 square feet, which will range in peak height from 20 feet and 6 inches to 23 feet and 5 inches. The designs will feature two to three car garages. The design utilizes various textures, colors, and other design elements such as horizontal/vertical lap siding, stone veneer, shutters, and stucco. The units will have three separate floor plans with three building elevations per floor plan, and three separate color/materials palettes for a total of nine distinct looks.

Regarding public notices, 87 notices were sent out to the surrounding property owners within a 300 -foot radius of the project sites and 12 written comments were received. Concerns were related to traffic, installation of stop signs, the fencing material, access to the easement, and height of the homes.

“The current proposed revisions are for alterations to the proposed drainage, changes to the perimeter fencing and architectural review for all 22 lots only. The project is consistent with the city’s general plan land use element, which is integrated with the transportation elements … Stop signs will also be installed at the ends of both streets that bisect the project,” said Heaps.

Heaps concluded with, “At this time, staff recommends that the planning commission review the revisions to the Tentative Tract Map No. 19901 and if it is acceptable, approve the project subject to the conditions of approval and recommendations A through D.”

David Klein, applicant for Pacific Horizon Builders said, “One of the things that was talked about was the rain garden versus the retention basin.

Klein continued with, “At a meeting several months ago on this, the city was for getting rid of the rain gardens because it is a maintenance item that the city would have to enforce after the homes were sold. The destruction of the rain garden would cause destruction to the flow of water … I was told the city was not really equipped to do policing of every lot. So when I suggested to make the retention basin bigger and get rid of all that, it was widely accepted.”

A question came up as to why there was only going to be a block wall on the north side and not also on the south side. Matlock explained that when the project went through, a few property owners were concerned about the block wall and the applicant at the time agreed to make the concession of only a block wall on the one side. The block wall would be on Douglas and Fremont Streets. There will also be a block wall around the retention basin.

“The vinyl fencing has come a long way the last 20 years. It has a lifetime warranty from chipping, flaking, breaking, cracking or fading. It will have a 110 mph (wind rating) fence … It is also graffiti-free, as you take a little acetone and graffiti wipes right off,” said Klein.

One person came forward for public comment and was concerned about the fencing running along his buildings and water drainage. The commissioners asked Director of Development Services/City Engineer, Fermin Preciado, if a block wall could be placed around the lot of the resident making the public comment and if there was anything he could do to help. Preciado said it could be reviewed as part of the grading plan. Commissioner Vice Chair Denise Work said, “We will just make that where the city will work with the applicant and the home owner.” Preciado mentioned that as part of the grading plan review and inspection, the wall idea could be reviewed along with the improvements to the channel.

Work said, “I love these floor plans. And I love that you have gone to single-story for all of them. That is a real help to a lot of the concerns that came to us the first time.”

Commissioner Chris Markarian made the motion to recommend for approval Case No. 20-040 and the planning commission public hearing recommendations A through D. The motion was seconded and the motion carried with Commissioner Aron Wolfe absent.

Supporting documents are available on the Yucaipa website at yucaipa.org.


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