Yucaipa Lady Gun Club

Event organizer Rachel Murray, instructor Christine Keil and  instructor Juan Manuel, and organizer Lisa Murray. 

On Saturday, June 27,  numerous women of Yucaipa came out with a bang at the first official meet and greet of Yucaipa Ladies 2nd Amendment Gun Club. The club was co-organized and hosted by Lisa and Rachel Murray at Turner’s Carpets in Yucaipa. Lisa Holloway was co-organizer. A large display of raffle prizes, including a pistol, were on table display. A delicious lunch was provided by Arteagas Mexican Food.  

“We were actually thinking about doing something like this for quite a few years. After putting the idea out on social media, we had almost 500 messages from women interested in gun safety. We knew we needed to do this immediately and get things rolling. We have a great group of highly skilled certified instructors to provide gun safety instruction. We hope to schedule a gun range day in the near future,” said Lisa Murray.

The meeting kicked off with the introduction of the certified gun safety instructors, Jason Grandados and Christine Keil from Shootsafe Academy, and Juan Manuel, retired Master Sergeant, US Army Special Forces, Green Beret. They gave an introduction about their experience with firearms and answered questions throughout the meeting.

“This is a special meeting. It is great to see like minded women coming together as a community,” said Manuel.

Kenneth and Jared from Jepsons Guns and Ammo in Yucaipa provided firearm safety tests to 31 women.  Additionally, a representative from Damsel in Defense had various safety items available for purchase.

For more information, visit Yucaipa Ladies 2nd Amendment Gun Club on Facebook/Messenger.


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