Yucaipa High School couple celebrates a quarantine prom

YHS seniors enjoy a special night. 

Yucaipa High School seniors Kaleb Chase Martinez and his girlfriend Kylee Robbins missed out on a lot of senior activities, including traditional prom this month. It’s a right of passage, but with the COVID-19 lockdown, the high school couple had their own special “quarantined prom.”

The  families decided to host a surprise prom for the couple on May 9. They dubbed it, “A Night 2 Remember.”   

Martinez’s grandmother Brenda Heusterberg  held it at her house in Yucaipa.

“He was so excited when the limo picked him up and drove him to pick his girlfriend up,” said Heusterberg. “The driver drove them past YHS, where his family held up signs to let him know they loved him.  They ended at our home for a dinner and a dance.”

Martinez said it was a very good surprise.

“It honestly was a night to remember,” said Martinez. “With everything going on, I feel like it was the best night, of the quarantine.  She (Robbins) looked beautiful.” 

Robbins said it was so much fun.  “ It was a night to remember.”   

Martinez was in the Law and Public Safety Program for four years at YHS. He played Freshman, JV and varsity Varsity Baseball.  

Martinez will  leave for U.S. Air Force basic training on July 7.

Robbins was in varsity soccer at YHS. She will attend San Bernardino Valley College in the fall to pursue a career in child protective services.   


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