At the May 10 council meeting, City Manager Ray Casey informed the councilmembers and the public of the South Coast Air Quality Management District rules that were recently promulgated which includes fees and an obligation for any warehouse distribution center or fulfillment center to go through a permitting process, whether they are already in existence or a new facility.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District website states, “With consumer demand for online retail and just-in-time delivery increasing, goods delivered between the region’s seaports, airports and businesses across the nation may increase mobile source emissions, even with the deployment of newer, cleaner vehicles and equipment. The goal of this measure is to access and identify potential actions to further reduce emissions associated with emission sources operating in and out of warehouse distributions centers.”

The facility-based mobile source measure is focusing on reducing emissions associated with vehicles and mobile equipment operating in and out of warehouse distribution centers.

“That process also includes ongoing reporting and the goal is to reduce emissions and improve air quality of course and trucks are a big part of air quality formulas in our area,” said Casey.

“It includes things like implementing zero emission, near zero emission trucks into the fleet, keeping track of the number of trucks visiting each year,” continued Casey.

Mayor Greg Bogh wanted to know how soon these regulations go into effect and Casey answered they were adopted almost immediately but are implemented in 2022.

“I know a lot of legislators in the area feel that this area is becoming a transportation hub for California and Southern California, and I think one of the things that they don’t really quite comprehend is that this area has always been a transportation hub, since the 1850’s. This is not some new phenomena,” said Bogh.’’

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