Yucaipa City Manager Ray Casey addresses questions at a recent YMRA meeting. 

At the Oct. 9 YMRA (Yucaipa Mobilehome Resi-dents Association), Chair Shirley Dalton welcomed the residents and stated Second Vice Chair Rayna Carmichael brought photos she took of issues in the parks around town that she wanted City Manager Casey to address. “This is why we really need YMRA volunteers to get out and help us pursue these issues and get the city to correct them,” said Dalton. Carmichael said, “I have maybe 300 pictures but these are of one particular park but the issues are ongoing and have not been addressed by anyone.” Ray Casey was introduced as the guest speaker. The topic was to be on the status of mobile home parks and future plans that will affect park residents. Casey began with thanking Carmichael for “Always keeping an eye on things, that is very helpful and I would encourage you all to call our Senior Code Enforcement Officer Kellie Whitt as she is pretty good at following up on these issues. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than any of us would like. Code enforcement process is intended to not favor the agency as much as it is to favor the individual that is involved in that process. It is intended to give folks several chances to clean up their problem. Please call Kellie Whitt or the code enforcement office as they’re pretty good at following up,” said Casey. Casey said he wanted to talk about some things that have either direct or indirect impact on the residents in mobile homes and have a conversation on what their thoughts were as to where the city should be going in the near future and the longer term future. “One of those things I want to get your feedback on is the senior center and the use of the senior center for vaccinations and testing,” said Casey. “At some point we want to evolve back into the normal program.” The audience agreed that was a great desire for them also. Casey followed-up with, “If we are ready to start moving in that direction and part of that balance is whether people are comfortable going out and engaging in that kind of programming now and if you are, I would love to see it move in that direction again.” Dalton added she went not only for the classes but for the social activities, special luncheons, entertainment and it was always a lot of fun. Casey said, “Alright, so we’ll ask the state and the county, as it is a partnership with both the county and state for vaccinations and we will ask them to start preparing to go elsewhere.” Casey asked how many people were aware of the COVID-19 assistance programs whether with the county or with the city. The county helps with rental assistance and the city helps with mortgage, utility and transportation assistance and has partnered with food assistance programs. Casey encouraged the group that if they needed assistance with any of those items to contact Caroline Velarde as she is taking the lead on the city’s part of the assistance programs. Casey mention-ed possible upcoming plans for a new library/senior center and said, “To share with you something I’ve been working on for several years, it’s kind of finally boiling up to the surface because there are some potential opportunities for grant funding, both state and federal. I’ve been working with the county and the school district on the potential of a joint library, hopefully by the high school. We haven’t settled on that for sure but that is kind of the direction we are heading. And if we do build a new library, what the city council has directed us to work on, this goes back several years, is to convert the existing library, which the city owns, into another senior center.” The next priorities the city is focusing on is senior programming and teen programming. The plan is to keep the current senior center and keep it well maintained but add to that another facility in the community and that would meet the long-term needs of the community as well. Tony Slaick said, “This whole mobile home park community is a great community. Obviously there are a lot of really big issues from either maintenance to just being treated fairly and I think a big thing that we should have a push on is getting younger people involved to become more civic minded and their participation would really be appreciated. If they want to start by calling YMRA to see how they can help, that would be great with the senior center or anything senior related.” 

For more information about YMRA visit the website, yucaipaymra.com


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I wish ray casey would do something about the horrible condition of the city streets. Cracks, holes, giant ripples. Yucaipa doesn’t believe in repaving, only slurry coating. When will mr Casey require the city engineer to do their job?

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