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A future 27-unit senior housing project approved for phase two of a senior housing project at this spot along Third Street in Yucaipa.


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At the Dec. 15 Yucaipa Planning Commission meeting, Yucaipa Assistant Planner Christian Farmer brought before the commissioners a density bonus agreement, conditional use permit and architectural review for the second phase of the Horizons Senior Housing Project consisting of 27 units.

This senior housing project (Horizons at Yucaipa) is located at 12279 Third St.

Farmer said “The initial 77 units were approved by the Planning Commission. The first phase of the project was completed including 50 units and the key site improvements but before that could finish the CPU expired and the current planning use permit has subsequently been submitted to complete the project.”

The site is located at the south of Yucaipa Boulevard and east of Third Street on a vacant 0.38-acre parcel located within the existing Horizon Senior Housing Project. It is zoned multiple residential with a 7,200 square-foot minimum lot size and it is surrounded by single and multi-family developments.

The proposed second phase development of this age-restricted senior housing project will be for individuals who are 55 years or older.

It will consist of 27 new dwelling units to be built within a 32-foot-tall, two-story building.

According to Farmer, the floor plans will include four two-bedroom units with 23 one-bedroom units with an additional recreation room and laundry facilities.

Plans call for two one-bedroom units of either 665 square feet or 698 square feet. The smaller size is requested as a density bonus incentive, and the two-bedroom unit is 1,026 square feet.

The project is essentially a one-building design that includes all dwellings, offices and clubhouse as attached components.

The balance of the land provides parking and vehicle access, private and public open space areas that include courtyards and passive recreation areas, a community and rose garden, picnic areas, private patios and balconies and a small amphitheater.

The required private open space for each unit is provided with ground level patios and upper level balconies.

The balance of the open space includes other landscaped areas. Each individual unit is one-story in design. Units on the second floor are accessible by both stairways and elevators.

Private amenities to serve the residents of the development have already been provided as part of the project and include a private shade canopy with a barbecue area near a pool and a community building.

“Parking for the site includes 91 parking spaces,” Farmer said.

He told commissioners “The applicant has agreed to construct all of the units for low-income households at 80 percent of the low-income rates so that qualifies the project for three incentives pursuant to state law.”

The three incentives through the density bonus agreement procedures include a reduction in the one-bedroom size from 750 square feet to either 665 or 698 square feet; reduction of the minimum private open space requirement per Yucaipa Development Code from 150 square feet for ground floor units and 100 square feet from second floor units; and a reduction in the parking requirement from 93 spaces to 91 spaces.

“The colors of the exterior will match phase one and the project is consistent with the original CUP with no changes. Notices of the project were sent to all adjacent property owners and no responses were received,” Farmer said.

Vice Chair Planning Commissioner Chris Markarian asked “The same thing they’re asking here has been granted in the previous building, the open space reduction, the size of the single bedroom unit, or is that only at this space?”

City Planner Ben Matlock answered “It is carried across the same project so this is essentially the same project the original CUP had. They just didn’t complete phase two. This is just to finish that but the unit sizes, amenities and the open space or the private yard space is the same as the phase one that had been built.”

Planning Commission Chairman JR Allgower asked “There are no garages. They’re all carports. Is that correct?”

Matlock concurred.

Markarian asked if more amenities will be added. “The pool is there, the grills are there, the open space, the outside yards are all already there. With this 27 unit request, they’re not adding anything else?”

Farmer answered they were adding a recreational room and an additional laundry facility to accommodate those additional 27 units.

Matlock added all the amenities were added in the first phase and this item was just to finalize the project in the remaining space.

Markarian said “Its a beautiful project. I like it.”

Executive Director of Housing Partners One Anthony Perez said, “We’re the managing partner for the partnership here. I just want to thank the commission tonight. This project here is our crown jewel. This is our most important development. Thank you for your compliment on our project.”

Perez continued: “The chance to bring 27 more senior affordable units to Yucaipa is just huge for us. We’re a non-profit affiliate to the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino but this project is on the cover of our brochures. So we’re very proud of it. We’re very happy to be able to bring our same architect on board and design engineer but again, we want to thank the city of Yucaipa for giving us this chance to present this. The project has been very successful for us and we’re very excited to bring 27 more units on.”

Allgower asked, “Now that traffic is exiting onto Third Street, has there ever been any complaints about the additional traffic on Third Street?”

The answer to his question was that there has not been anything related to this project.

Markarian said he knew all the units are currently filled and he knew there was a long list to get into this project and asked if there was any knowledge on how many tenants drive or how many have cars?

Matlock has been to the site and is not aware of any parking issues or challenges related to that project.

The project was approved by the commissioners with a 5-0 vote with Commissioners Aron Wolfe and Lloyd Rekstad absent.


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