Youth Advisory Committee

Aden Benson pictured with city council after being appointed to the Yucaipa Youth Advisory Committee.

On  March 22, Yucaipa City Council appointed Aden Benson and Adelin Tulcan to the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). Community Services Supervisor Sarah Martinez introduced Benson and Tulcan to the council and it was voted by an unanimous vote to appoint them as a new member for the Youth Advisory Committee. Both members will serve a two-year term. Their term begins March 22 and will expire Sept. 1, 2022. Tulcan was unable to attend due to a golf tournament she was competing in.

Martinez said, “I’m here this evening as a staff liaison for the Youth Advisory Committee to recommend the appointment of Mr. Aden Benson and Miss Adelin Tulcan to the committee.”

Martinez continued to say, “It is my extreme pleasure to introduce Aden. He is currently a freshman at Sierra Canyon High School and a long-time resident of Yucaipa. Aden has been described as having a hard work ethic, good communication skills and being a well-rounded individual.”

Benson is a member of the Sierra Canyon Days Youth Leadership program. His family lives in Yucaipa and he is passionate about community service. Martinez said that Benson is especially interested in how he can give back to the community which has given so much to him.

“His interview with the committee was impressive as he expressed his willingness to be a team player. I have no doubt that he will work well with the Youth Advisory Committee to advocate for the community,” said Martinez.

Benson said, “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address you this evening and for considering my appointment to the Youth Advisory Committee.”

Benson continued with, “I would love the opportunity to serve the city of Yucaipa by joining the Yucaipa Youth Advisory Committee. I’ve lived in our community for eight years now and have been given the privilege to grow up inside a safe and beautiful neighborhood. Because of Yucaipa and its ability to have an incredible place for today’s youth, Yucaipa has given me more options than I could get living in another city. Because of that fact, I feel as if it’s my duty to give back to the community and aid the city council and officials to have insight into what it’s like living in Yucaipa for people my age. Thank you in advance for giving me this chance to speak and for considering me for this appointment.”

Martinez next introduced Tulcan to the council.  Martinez said, “Also known as Addie, she is currently a sophomore at Yucaipa High School and has an impressive 4.5 GPA that includes a challenging course load. She is involved in high school extracurricular activities that includes being the Commissioner of Community Service for ASB and is also on the golf team.”

Tulcan is passionate about community service, especially in how she can support the teen community in Yucaipa.

“Her interview with the committee included ideas for community service projects in her answers and responses. I have no doubt that she would work well with the committee. Unfortunately for us but fortunately for Addie, her golf team had a tournament today at the high school and she is unable to join us this evening but she did send a message,” said Martinez.

Tulcon wrote, “I believe I am qualified for this position on the Youth Advisory Committee because I’m extremely resourceful and capable of balancing various aspects of my life. Having to maintain my academics with an impacted schedule, attend many ASB activities on and off campus, as well as being an athlete on the YHS girls golf team.”

Martinez continued to read Tulcon’s statement by saying, “I have to maintain my time very carefully. Being a member on committee would not pose a challenge to me as I would do anything and everything for the benefit of the Yucaipa community. I hope to meet others needs before my own within the city’s community and help unite people through community service. Helping those in need has always been my passion. Being a part of the Youth Advisory Committee, will provide me a platform to reach the Yucaipa population. I am honored to be able to speak at this meeting through Ms. Martinez and I am eager to hear the city council’s response. Thank you for your time.”

Councilman Justin Beaver said that he had known Benson since he was 5 years old. “I’m excited to see him become more involved than he already is in our community and I’m very appreciative that he applied for this position.”


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