Summerwind Trails

Calimesa City Councilmembers (Wendy Hewitt, Linda Molina, Jeff Cervantez, Wynona Duvall and Bill Davis) along with local firefighters attend the ribbon cutting for Summerwind Trails School in Calimesa. 

Calimesa City Council members went back to school last week to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Summerwind Trails School. The kindergarten through eighth-grade campus, which is part of the Beaumont Unified School District, includes the first elementary school in Calimesa’s city limits. Although Calimesa Elementary School bears the city’s name, it is actually in Yucaipa and part of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District. Before the opening of Summerwind Trails in August, the only other school in Calimesa was Mesa View Middle School, also part of YCJUSD. Along with Beaumont officials, all five councilmembers – Mayor Bill Davis, Mayor Pro Tem Linda Molina and councilmembers Jeff Cervantez, Wynona Duvall and Wendy Hewitt – and some Calimesa staff attended the ribbon cutting on Wednesday, Sept. 15. “All of us attended a ribbon cutting of our new Summerwind Trails (kindergarten) through 8th-grade campus here in Calimesa,” Cervantez said at the Sept. 20 council meeting. It was a great event, he said, particularly the tour of the school and the excitement of the students to show it off. “We got to see some of the facilities, touring around with some of the ASB kids. Let me tell you, they were a lot of fun,” said Cervantez, a professor at Crafton Hills College. “They kept telling us everything about their school. “They wanted to show us every classroom, every closet, every thing. And, they were so excited about their school. They were thrilled to be in this brand-new campus, this wonderful, pristine environment and they wanted to show it off. It was just a wonderful thing to know that we have this in our community and our kids are in good hands. They were bragging about every teacher at this school.” Cervantez recommended a school tour to anyone who has the opportunity. “It’s beautiful,” he said of the Summerwind Trails campus. “If you ever get a chance to tour over there, go check it out.” Earlier in the meeting, Mayor Davis was appointed to the Interstate 10 Strategic Plan Oversight Committee, with Beaumont, Banning and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. As Calimesa’s representative, Davis will work with the other members on a strategic plan to identify and prioritize transportation needs along the I-10 corridor. Other actions included Pro Tem Molina recommending Rebecca Mugiishi to the Calimesa Library Commission. “She has expressed an interest on being on the library commission,” Molina said. “She is excited about the fact that we are going to have a new library and she is interested in fundraising, all of those things we are kind of looking for in people. “I think she will be a great asset to our library commission and as a commissioner in our city.” The appointment was unanimously approved by council. Grand thefts Also at the Sept. 20 council meeting, Capt. Timothy Salas reported there have been nine grand thefts at construction sites in Calimesa this month. “They are going out there to the construction sites and they have been a continued problem … It is very, very important if you are victimized to report it to us so we can go and investigate it,” Salas said. “You are not helping law enforcement out by not reporting it because it actually does create more work for us in the end.” Council comments In councilmember comments, Hewitt got emotional when she spoke about attending a memorial service for one of 13 American service members who was killed at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Hewitt shared a story told about Marine Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio at his memorial service in Palm Springs. “What an amazing person … he and another gentleman in the service, that didn’t get killed, saw these two kids or girls who were kind of pinned up against the fence because everybody was trying to move forward or something and they went over to rescue them and get them out of the way. They were able to get them out of the way and put them over the fence,” she said, stopping to compose herself. “There is too much tragedy in the world right now,” Davis said. “There’s a lot of things, that hopefully people will pay attention to, and start caring about people.” Hewitt later said: “I did just want to add to my story. I wanted to thank all the veterans for their sacrifice. We really appreciate that.” Duvall followed that up by reporting she had attended a Veterans Expo Services meeting, which focused on assisting homeless veterans with affordable housing. “If anybody knows of any homeless veterans seeking help to please have them contact Steve Chavez,” she said. For more information, Duvall provided a contact phone number: 1-909 825-7084.


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