Yucaipa High School gets a new field

Final touches are made at Yucaipa High School’s new turf before athletes put it to good use.

Yucaipa High School just installed new football turf and it’s impressive looking. According to YHS  Athletic Director Matt Carpenter, the old track was just over a decade old but it was time to get a new one.

“Yucaipa High School is excited to get new turf in the stadium,” said Carpenter. “The previous turf lasted 12 years, when the life expectancy was 10 years. It was evident during the last year of use, that it was time. Many repairs were made over the life of the turf, which is normal, but it was clear that many more were coming, that were much larger, and went deeper into the foundation of the turf.

Carpenter said recent advances in safety with the new turf made it easy to make a change.

“YHS appreciates YCJUSD support in providing the safest possible playing surface for the school and community teams that use the field,” said Carpenter. “Yucaipa was one of the first high schools in the area to have artificial turf, and the technology in both production, and safety has come a long way in that time.

Carpenter was quick to add many of the selling points for the new turf:

• Fewer seams: many of the lines and numbers are able to be fabricated in the factory. Seams are often where tears will happen, so minimal seams will hopefully mean a longer life for this turf.

• Shock pad: Underneath the turf is a shock pad that should greatly reduce the number of injuries due to impact with the ground. YHS is hopeful that this will minimize the number of concussions in all sports that use the turf.

•  Root layer: Built into this particular brand of turf (AstroTurf) is a root layer that most closely mirrors actual grass. With that root layer, the need for the “rubber pellets” that fill in around the blades of grass is greatly reduced. Carpenter is hopeful that this root layer will also minimize the number of non-contact injuries like sprained ankles and knee injuries, as cleats don’t go quite as deep into the infill, and break away easier.

• Cooling: The new infill (pellets) is designed to help with the cooling process of the field, by absorbing water and slowly evaporating it out throughout the day.

Superintendent of Schools Cali Binks said with YHS football season right around the corner, football athletes are looking forward to breaking in the new state-of-the-art turf.

“The field will support our athletes at YHS and in the community,” said Binks. “The YHS logo spans 120 feet. We are excited to put it to use. Go Thunderbirds!”

The first football home game at YHS will be against Grand Terrace High on Aug. 30. All home games begin at 7 p.m.


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