Yucaipa High School cross country teams first in Citrus Belt League Championships

Members of YHS varsity girls’ cross country team with their All CBL awards.

The Yucaipa High School cross country team took three first place spots and dominated the Citrus Belt League this season. Both girls and boys Varsity teams will move on to the CIF Prelims on Nov. 15 in Riverside.

The YHS varsity and junior varsity girls’ teams both took first place at the Citrus Belt League Championships race, each with a perfect score of 15. The varsity girls’ placed first through seventh and each received an All CBL award and the team received a first-place league plaque. The girls’ junior varsity placed first through 12th and took almost every place in the top 40 slots of the race.

The YHS Junior Varsity Boys’ also placed first and the Varsity Boys’ took second place at the Citrus Belt League Championship race. The standings of the teams and individual runners is as follows:

Girls Varsity: first place (by order placed):

1. Dani Gee

2. Atalie Bogh

3. Marisa Cole

4. Cassidy Jarish

5. Erica Mueller

6. Kaitlyn Townsend

7. Sydney Sandoval

Girls’ Junior Varsity: first place (by order placed):

1. Clarissa Clark

2. Taylor Becker

3. Cana Neal

4. Savannah Ganter

5. Anna Runyan

6. Cali Good

7. Tiffany Terry

8. Audrey Selvaggio

9. Amyah Erickson

10. Samantha Garcia

11. Allison Olson

12. Lea Marion

14 Eryka Veana

15 Bianca Ocegueda

16 Leilani Aguilar

17 Rianna Ammons

18 Serena Duran

19 Kate Brown

20 Shantel Marcelo

22 Liz Renteria

23 Quinn Benitez

24 Madison Currier

27 Katlyn Eastland

28 Rivers Romriell

30 Anabelle Cunanan

31 Analeese Wheeler

35 Siauna White

36 Rosalina Grossmen

37 Maddy Wall

38 Lida Padilla

39 Kaia Reeve

40 Bridget Briscoe

41 Tayra Razuri

62Helayna Hansberger

Boys’ Junior Varsity: first place (by order placed)

1. Xavier Cardenas

7 Riley Pearson

9 Isaiah Fierro-Gonzalez

12 Christian Facio

14 Domanick Merkwan

17 Tino Ceja

19 Erick Hernandez

21 Nick Schmidt

23 Jorge Valencia

28 Jonathan Esparza

43 Dane Ewell

82 Brandon Eastland

Boys Varsity: Second place (by order placed)

6 Justin Briscoe

7 Alfredo Tool

10 Ryan Horspool

14 Aaron Esparza

23 Brady Woods

27 Chase Antinucci

30 Steven Arroyo

Yucaipa High School girls’ CIF team will compete in the CIF prelims on Nov. 15.


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