Yucaipa High School cross country teams compete at the Woodbridge Classic

Members of the YHS girls varsity cross country team.

The Yucaipa High School girls cross country team is ranked sixth in Division 1 Southern Section after competing in the 39th annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic on Saturday, Sept. 21, at Silverlakes in Norco.

The Thunderbirds competed with the top ranked teams and individuals from throughout California and the nation. The YHS sophomore girls team placed first and the freshman and varsity B girls teams each took second place. The varsity Girls’ A team placed 20th in the Sweepstakes, the race reserved for the highest ranked teams.

YHS senior Justin Briscoe placed third in the boys rated race with a time of 14:46.4. The YHS boys varsity team placed 11th in the rated race.

The upcoming schedule is as follows: Saturday, Oct. 5, Temecula Twilight at Galway Downs, Temecula (late afternoon/eve); Wednesday, Oct. 16, CBL Cluster No. 2 at Riverside cross country course at 3 p.m.: and on Saturday, Nov. 2, CBL Championships at Yucaipa Community Park, 7:30 a.m

Members of the YHS Cross Country team who competed at the Woodbridge Classic (in the order they placed) are:

YHS girls:

Sophomore Girls Team - first place

Eryka Veana

Serena Duran

Audrey Selvaggio

Tiffany Terry

Analeese Wheeler

Katlyn Eastland

Tayra Razuri

Paola Barcena

Annabelle Cunanan

Maddy Wall

Kaia Reeve

Rivers Rommriell

Varsity Girls B Team - second place

Kaitlyn Townsend, 10th grade

Megan Carmell, ninth grade

Clarissa Clark, 11th grade

Anna Runyan, 10th grade

Cali Good, ninth grade

Savannah Ganter, 10th grade

Samantha Garcia, 11th grade

Freshman Girls Team - second

Cana Neal

Amyah Erickson

Allison Olson

Kate Brown

Lea Marion

Bianca Ocegueda

Rianna Ammons

Natasha Chiquette

Delanie Thomas

Lida Padilla

Rosalina Grossman

Bridget Briscoe

Helayna Hansberger

Varsity Girls Team Sweepstakes - 20th place

Dani Gee, 12th grade

Atalie Bogh, 12th grade

Marisa Cole, 10th grade

Erica Mueller, 10th grade

Cassidy Jarish, 11th grade

Taylor Becker, ninth grade

Sydney Sandoval, 12th grade

Junior Varsity Girls Team

Quinn Benitiz, 12th grade

Carlee Wilkinson, 11th grade

Liz Renteria, 11th grade

Madison Currier, 11th grade

YHS Boys:

Varsity Boys Rated Team - 11th place

Justin Briscoe, 12th grade

Brady Woods, 11th grade

Aaron Esparza, 12th grade

Alfredo Tool, 12th grade

Ryan Horspool, 10th grade

Steven Arroyo, 11th grade

Senior Boys

Jorge Valencia

Cameron Mierzwik

Varsity Boys B Team - 24th place

Jameson Roberts, 10th grade

Xavier Cardenas, 10th grade

Chase Antinucci, 10th grade

Wyatt Buchanan, 10th grade

Vincente Gomez, ninth grade

Domanick Merkwan, 10th grade

Sophomore Boys Team - 29th place

Riley Person

Isaiah Fierro-gonzalez

Erick Hernandez

Dillon Parra

Colby Stewart

Nick Schmidt

Freshman Boys Team - 32nd place

Andrew Juarez

Dominick Kowalski

Jonathan Esparza

Tino Ceja

Dane Ewell

Branden Eastland


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