Yucaipa High School's cross country team experienced the excitement of night racing at the 36th annual Woodbridge Invitational at the Silver Lakes Sports Park in Norco on Saturday, Sept. 17.  

This invitational brought together the top teams and individuals from multiple states. It is known for being a flat, fast race and Yucaipa teams proved that. 

Both varsity boys and girls teams qualified for the Sweepstakes Race this year running against the top athletes of the evening.  Yucaipa's girls team finished with the sixth best team time at the meet and the No. 3 team time for California schools led by Mackenna  Mas­on (17:01), Tori Gaitan  (17:05), Danielle Gee (17:29), Madison Parr (17:45), and Sarah Gee (17:56), with a team time of 87:18 (team time is the cumulative times of the top 5 runners).   

This race earned some individual accomplishments as well. For the Woodbridge In­vitational Mackenna Mason was rated #5 fastest senior from California schools, along with Tori Gaitan #2 and Danielle #4 for fastest freshmen.   

The boys varsity team placed 10th in the Sweepstakes race led by Curtis Durham (14:36), Tanner Dutchover  (14:58), Ross Harps (15:20), Jarred Richards (15:32), and Parker Jenkins (15:33).  

The sophomore boys from Yucaipa proved too tough to beat and won first place in their race let by Isaac Ganly (16:37), Blake Rodriguez (16:43), Jared Carney (16:45), Aiden Avarell  (17:11) and Jarod Buck (17:16).  

The boys team finished with the #8 team time at the meet and the No. 3 team time from California schools (76:00). 

There were two boys out to impress at this race with Curtis Durham ranked as the No. 6 fastest senior from California schools and Justin Briscoe was the No. 3 fastest freshman. 

Please come out and support the YHS Cross Country team at its first CBL meet next Sat­urday Sept. 24, at Redlands East Valley. Boys JV will race at 7:30 a.m., Girls Varsity at 8 a.m., Boys Varsity at 8:30 a.m. and Girls JV at 9 a.m.


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