There were 19 Yucaipa High School art students honored on May 23 at an award show at the high school. Students who enrolled in four or more art classes and maintained a 3.5 plus point average were selected for the honor.

YHS computer graphic design and digital photography teacher Mark Watkins led two programs during lunch periods on Tuesday.

“Welcome 2017 Honor Scholars,” he said. “We have combed your grades and are pleased to announce you have earned this award. We want to honor and recognize you for all you do.”

YHS Art Chair Lori Gifford was all smiles as she congratulated the students individually and offered kind words of praise.

“Every department here at YHS is doing its best to be a strong department and this is a way to show that the arts are a valuable part of our school,” said Gifford.

Each student received a certificate and a white cord to be worn for graduation on June 7.

“These students represent the best and brightest of the Yucaipa High School arts community,” said Watkins. “I am astonished at the level of talent and creativity these young artists possess. Their future in art is very bright.”

2017 YHS Technology - Art Department honor graduates include: Dallas Bartlett, Sidonie Bolbach, Elizabeth Carsoli, Joseph Comptois, Jessica Fino, Zachary French, McKenzie Guldemond, Miranda Gustuson, Jaqueline Hernandez, Zachary King, Jonathan Livingston, Alexis Martin, Luke Maxwell, Kaylee McCoy, Abigail Newhouse, Marissa Norcross, Kassidy Rosano, Joshua Samra and Ashley Vazmendes.


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