Wildwood students delight in holiday program

First grade students at Wildwood Elementary School, entertain their friends and families with Christmas carols and dancing.

Each year, first grade students at Wildwood Elementary School host a Christmas concert for their families. This year the classes were broken up into two groups. The first group performed on Thursday, Dec. 14, and included Melody Davidsmeier and Davina Correa’s classes.

The second group performed on Tuesday, Dec. 19, and included Victoria Erautt, Julie Kappmeyer and Deborah Baggs’ classes.

All of the first grade children practiced the songs for weeks, in anticipation of the yearly Christmas concert.

Also on Tuesday, Dec. 19, the students sang to residents of Wildwood Canyon Villa who visited the school. Cards and gingerbread men ornaments as well as beaded candy cane ornaments, made by the students, were handed out as gifts to the special visitors.

A stage was set up in the multi-purpose room and chairs lined the floor for friends and family to enjoy the performance. A red curtain hung behind the children and ornaments swayed from the ceiling above.

Each child, on the first night, appeared dressed in their holiday best with a Santa hat on their heads.

The second night, each child adorned reindeer antlers and black mittens on their hands.

Songs that were performed included “Reindeer Rap,” “Must be Santa,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Christmas is the Time to Love” and “Up on the Housetop.” With each song, the children had a different dance or activity to entertain the audience.

After each evening performance, families were invited back to their children’s classrooms for cookies and juice. Families were given Christmas presents from their children and were able to see all the winter activities that the children had been working on during the month.

On Friday, Dec. 15, the two groups came together and performed the songs for the entire school as well as a large turnout of friends and family, during Wildwood’s December spirit day. Students wore reindeer antlers and black mittens while dancing and singing.


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