Ridgeview Elementary students recognized by Yucaipa City Council at recent meeting

Back row: Councilmember Greg Bogh, Mayor Pro Tem Denise Allen, Teacher Michelle Gee, Mayor David Avila, Councilmember Dick Riddell, Councilmember Bobby Duncan. Middle row: Royce Alonzo, Isaiah Moore, Robert Juarez, Seattle Dewar, Amirah Martinez. Front row: Deegan Delgado, Viola Lorgensen, Victoria Oakley and not pictured Madison Venegas.

On March 9, at the Yucaipa City Council meeting, Michelle Gee’s third grade class from Ridgeview Elementary School in Yucaipa was recognized by the city council.

“This is a great presentation with Mrs. Gee’s third grade class,” said Mayor David Avila.

He went on to say, “They sent the city a number of drawings and we want to thank you. They are wonderful.”

Gee addressed the council by saying, “Good evening, I have a few of my students and they were asked to write thank you notes and appreciation notes to the city of Yucaipa.”

“It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, so we threw in some ideas of how beautiful the parks are here and we are grateful for our parks, our policemen, our first responders. As soon as I asked them to do this, they were on it. They grabbed their crayons, markers, … pencils and papers and they enjoyed it,” said Gee.

“We love this city. We love Yucaipa. We just appreciate everything that our council does and our mayor and we just want to say thank you,” said Gee.

Mayor Avila presented a certificate to Gee and her third grade class.

Ridgeview Elementary is located at 11021 Sunnyside Dr. in Yucaipa.

Supporting documents are available for public view on the city of Yucaipa website at yucaipa.org.


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