Local students recognized at Board of Ed meeting

Science Fair winners are honored at the April school board meeting.

Local students who earned medals at the county science fair and those who achieved Reclassified Fluent English Proficient were recognized at the April school board meeting.

Before honoring the science fair winners, Darlene Pitman, applied science and technology teacher at Mesa View Middle School who is now the lead on the local event, gave information on how students advanced from the school to the district to the county level.

“I’d like to thank you very much for your continued support of the science fair,” Pitman said to board members of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District at the April 23 meeting. “I love the science and engineering fair and how it allows students, from all different kinds of interests, to be celebrated and I just want to thank you for continuing that tradition.”

Pitman explained students first presented projects at their schools and the 40 best were then selected for the district level.

“From those 40, we picked 14 amazing students for the county fair,” she said.

From those 14, five were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals at the 37th annual San Bernardino, Inyo and Mono Counties (SIM) Science and Engineering Fair.

Although he was unable to attend the meeting, Matthew Fogel, a sophomore at Yucaipa High School, was present as Pitman brought a fathead of him to the meeting. As she held up the photo of Fogel on a paddle, Pitman announced his bronze medal for designing and programming a device to monitor air quality via a mobile app.

Bronze, Rhett Bogh, of Mesa View Middle School, for his edible water bottles project.

Silver, Russell Koger, from Ridgeview Elementary, for music and your heartrate; and Selena Wisegarver, from Dunlap Elementary, for paw preferences in dogs.

Gold, Kadence Button, from Ridgeview Elementary, for her let’s get clucking about egg quality project.

English Proficient

Linda Moffatt, director of Elementary Curriculum, announced the students who met requirements to achieve Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP).

The criteria that students need to meet is assessment, academic achievement, teacher evaluation for proficiency and consultation with parents about whether or not they think it is in the best interest of the student to be reclassified.

RFEP students were honored at both the March 12 and April 23 board meeting. Those recognized in March were:

Calimesa Elementary: Second grade, Alexis Mora and Hugo Sanchez Jr.; third grade, Allison De la Torre and Mario Dela Torre Hernandez; fifth grade, Abraham Flores and Miguel Sanchez; and sixth grade, Edgar Solis and Nicole Solorzano.

Dunlap Elementary: Second grade, Abigail Cabanas, Javier Miranda Elias, Jesus Fong, Giselle Marron, Camila Pacheco, Javier Salazar and Elizabeth Vargas; third grade, Christian Garcia, Ethan Miramontes, Natalie Blanco Mora, Max Valovinos and Dahlia Zavalza; fourth grade, Uriel Castillo, Lizete Najera and Bruno Tapia; and fifth grade, Angel Carrillo Zavala, Kenai Chavez, Danielle Hernandez and Jefferson Tapia-Ayala.

Ridgeview Elementary: Third grade, Jeremiah Allen, Daniel Hernandez, Kelchie Jurado Chavez, Daniel Maritinez Salazar, Fabian Sanchez and Edgar Solorio Orozco.

Competitive Edge Charter Academy: First grade, Timothy Gribov; Second grade, Andrea Cuenca and Jayden Suk; third grade, Kate Galindo and Juan Salazar Ayala; and eighth grade, Jacqueline Morales.

Chapman Heights Elementary: Sarai Amaya-Ortiz, Mia Mendez, Geniuveve Perez and Naomi Tyler; and fourth grade, Mahiun Hoque.

Valley Elementary: First grade, Amy Jaimes Delgado and Yulianna Urena; second grade, Casandra Corral, Ahtziri Mejia Orellana and Saul Vasquez-Aguilar; third grade, Moises Alvarez, Andres Castillo, Christian Castro Garibaldo, Isaac Perez Baltazar and Cristopher Simental; and fourth grade, Iliana Alvarado and Denise Garcia.

Wildwood Elementary: First grade, Jeshua Gonzales and Alexa Uriube Trujillo; second grade, Juanpablo Enriquez, Chelsea Guardado Aguayo and Camila Oliveros Oliva; third grade, Karyn Aguayo Guardado and Brianna Martinez; fourth grade, Julieta Aguirre; and sixth grade, Bryan Cruz Garcia and Adrian Sepulveda.

Mesa View Middle School: Sixth grade, Advertani Roblero and Diego Soto; seventh grade, Elijah Esquivel; eighth grade, Felipe Medina-Lopez; and ninth grade, Adrian Musa and Leonardo Salazar-Bautista.

Yucaipa High School: 10th grade, Leo Pena; 11th grade, Pablo Adame, Alicia Bello, Cristina Moreno-Flores and Marlen Tzintuh; and 12th grade, Gabriel Rivera and Maria Paulina Ruibal Andere.


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