Les Schwab funds new scoreboard for Yucaipa High baseball

Manager Rob Geenen accepts appreciation from district and Yucaipa High School officials for Les Schwab Tire Center’s donation of a new scoreboard for the baseball team. From left, principal Shad Kirkland, board members Chuck Christie and Jane Smith, board clerk Jim Taylor, Rob Geenan, superintendent Cali Binks, board president Sharon Bannister and athletic director Matt Carpenter.

Fans of the Yucaipa High School baseball program will soon see a new addition to the team.

Hanging out in center field will be a new scoreboard, courtesy of Les Schwab Tire Center in Yucaipa, it was announced at the March school board meeting.

“Oftentimes, we have to rely on our community partnerships and individual help that we get to pull off the programs and create the opportunities for students that we do,” said Shad Kirkland, Yucaipa High principal, as he recognized Les Schwab’s donation.

“A newer business in town, Les Schwab Tire Center and manager Rob Geenen, answered that call and went above and beyond to help support Yucaipa baseball. Just recently, they donated just under $45,000 for a new scoreboard for our baseball program and we couldn’t be happier.”

Geenen was on hand to accept a certificate of recognition and say a few words about how the new business got involved with the baseball program.

“One thing Les believed in, more than anything, was supporting the local community, where the stores were at, everything from 4-H to school programs to city league sports, wherever we can help out. That is one thing that we really, really believe in,” Geenen said.

He later explained that Les Schwab had joined the Yucaipa High baseball program as a fence sponsor and then found out one of the program’s goals was to upgrade its scoreboard. That was Les Schwab’s signal to step up to the plate. The tire center didn’t hesitate and hit it out of the park.

“My kids go to school here, and will eventually be at the high school,” Geenen said to the school board. “The fact that we were able to partner up with the high school to get a brand new scoreboard to put out at the baseball field that one day my son may be able to play under is a pretty neat thing to be a part of.

“We’re really looking forward to being part of this community.”

Geenen said the scoreboard has been ordered, but he didn’t know what the timeline is for its installation.


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