Green Valley High School’s Class of 2020 commencement was included in the virtual collaborative graduation ceremony, taped at Yucaipa High School on May 20 and 21. It will go live on June 3, at 7 p.m.

Graduates and families drove in a parade of cars onto the campus and one by one, with proper social distancing, graduates exited the vehicles, and got in line to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. “Pomp and Circumstance” was heard through a special radio broadcast. The entire experience lasted less than 30 minutes.

Senior Adolph Montez said it was an amazing day and he would miss the awesome staff at GVHS. As far as a virtual graduation, he said,

“This was better than a traditional graduation because you didn’t have to listen to all the long speeches.”

There were still speeches recorded, however, they were brief and inspiring.

Student speaker Leslie Contreras said, “In times like these, being united is what will make us stronger, as we have strength in numbers. A unified community is a powerful community. Knowing even in harsh times, we can still come together to show such love and strength as a community, just gives me hope for my future, all our futures.”

Frank Tucci, principal at Green Valley High School, said in a recorded speech, to be released on June 3, that he was proud of all his students.

“The accomplishment of your high school graduation is a memorable milestone in your life,” said Tucci in his speech. “It marks the passage into adulthood as you continue to formulate and define the values you want to live by. These are different times, but the accomplishment is something you have earned and deserve to celebrate. It is the accumulation of your years of schooling and your hard work. I hope you take time and let that soak in for a while and rejoice in it. Enjoy this time; you deserve it and thank those who have helped you along the way and be thankful for the personal connections you have made.

“The context of your celebration, I am sure, is something different than what you had planned. This context does not diminish or lessen the value of what you have accomplished, in fact it highlights your resilience and grit. It is a reminder that plans are not so certain in life, and that we need to take time to enjoy the simple things. You had to speed up the growing-up process during this pandemic. It has shaken what we have known and what we expected during this life event. I don’t want you to be regretful or afraid, I want you to face it head on as you have done.

“You will be forever remembered as the class that shaped the future for our country following this pandemic. You will be the leaders who choose how we respond, inspiring one another as you shape our future. Knowing this makes me feel confident in what the future holds. This is your moment.”

GVHS Class of 2020 includes: 

Adam Miner

Devin Musselman

Nolan Ross

Lily Stolze

Alexis Aanerud

Joshua Abbott

Adrian Adono

Jadelynn Aguayo Marleina Aguilar

Jawad Alfakeer

Casssandra Alvarez

Miranda Alvarez

Eden Avalos

Uriel Baltazar Perez

Raul Barcena

Ruby Barrera

Azrael Benavides

Johana Bravo-Luz

Austin Butcher

Logan Conlon

Blake Conn

William Delgado-Kingsbury

Jesus Espinoza

Kaleb Fawcett

Caleb Gallagher

Francisco Garcia

Chase Goins

Evelyn Gonzalez

Cameron Hacker

Rubin Hendron

Danny Maynard

Ryan Melvill

Carlee Nelson

Emily Ortiz

Abraham Ortiz

Nicholas Pham

Karina Ramirez

James Richardson

Lane Scholte

Mikaele Seufalemua

Mailani Soden

Cesar Valverde

Joshua Vierheller

Samantha Vyskocil

Schyler Wiley

Adonis Simmons

Dylan Hudson

Leslie Contreras

Hunter Dent

Isabella Dover

Joshuah Foster

Jubilee Garcia

Ashley Hernandez

James Hitt

Luke Koverman

Julia Langstaff

Adrian MaGallon

Adolph Montez

Blake Nelson

Jennifer Ortiz

Breanna Oviedo

Emily Pelfry

Christian Rodrigo

Ciara Ruiz

Ryan Thomas

Eliot Trejo

Cassandra Veloz

Ethan Vicario

Emily Walker

Cody Yuhouse


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