Cross country teams at Inland Leaders Charter School place first in Mountain Valley League

Varisty runners at championship.

Inland Leaders Charter School boys and girls cross country teams recently took place first in the Mountain Valley League.

This is the boys first championship and this is the third year for the girls team. The teams finished the season with the varsity runners competing in the Championship race on Oct. 31, in Riverside. They were rewarded with trophies and will get banners to hang in the schools multi-purpose room.

The teams are lead by dedicated coach Garrett Holt. He started Cross Country at the school four years ago and has been very successful. He is very encouraging and passionate about the sport and encourages the runners as you can see with the results from this year.

The team roster is as follows:  Nathaneal Allen, Gabriel Argleben, Archer Avarell, Claire Barnes, Jack Barnes, Odyssea Barro, Jamison Blackburn, Talitha Brown, Barak Brown, Caleb Carlson, Teanca Clark, Zoe Cothran-Spradley, Abigail Cunanan, Griffin Cunningham, Alex Divers, Bradley Duncan, Savannah Echevarria, Valine Estrada, Dakota Festa, Dylan Garcia, Kyla Gomez, Sloan Hirsch, Levi Hoerger, Trevor Hoover, Matthew Juarez, Brooke Lewis, Isabella Long, Gianna Lopez, Tyler Marcroft, Gracie Miller, Bennett Miller, Jace Morgan, Tyler Ochs, Morgan O’Leary, Cameron Petinak, Aiden Pyne, Ethan Ramsden, Austin Rearick, Jacob Sirb, Bernard Stegner, Michael Stodelle, Zoey Stults, Diego Tellez, Kaden Van Uffelen, Brody Wolfe, Jonas Woodruff, Mattias Woodruff, Megan Yates, and Mason Young.


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