Congrats Yucaipa High School graduates

Yucaipa High School graduates Ryan Grammer, Nathan Cunningham, Joshua (JT) Weghorst and Trevor Hagen meet up at their old stomping grounds, Wildwood Elementary School during graduation week.

Once upon a time, four young boys met at Wildwood Elementary School in Yucaipa and embarked on a 13-year academic journey together.

Ryan Grammer, Nathan Cunningham, Joshua (JT) Weghorst and Trevor Hagen met at Wildwood and remained friends throughout their school days.

“My fondest memory of Wildwood Elementary was meeting friends that would last a lifetime,” said Weghorst.

The four classmates recently met up at Wildwood Elementary to reminisce and take some pictures together.

Cali Binks, Yucaipa-Calimesa Superintendent said it’s a great new trend.

“Last year, a new tradition started in our District, with our YHS seniors visiting their middle and elementary schools in celebration of their graduation! Graduation is a culmination of hard-working students, teacher, administration, support staff and of course parents. The graduation ceremony shared with our community was a successful journey students have completed. Now we share in the excitement of their future.”

The four graduates were included in the group of 564 high school seniors who graduated on June 5.

This is just one of many stories at Yucaipa High School. Each graduate has a story with family, friends and/or school administration cheering them on.

See next week’s paper, June 14 for a complete graduation story.


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