Atalie Bogh is the new Yucaipa High student representative on school board

Atalie Bogh

Senior Atalie Bogh was introduced as this year’s Yucaipa High School student representative at the Aug. 20 district board meeting.

“One of the things I was most excited about when the board appointed me to this position was the opportunity to have a student board member because in my former district we did not have one,” said Superintendent Cali Binks, before the introduction. “It is really exciting to have student board members as part of our dais and we have had a litany of amazing students that have brought us their perspective and they have worked hard on making sure they stay relevant on the board agenda items.”

Yucaipa High Principal Shad Kirkland made the introduction, giving some background on the selection process and Bogh.

At the end of each school year, students go through an application and interview process, Kirkland explained.

“Atalie kind of rose to the cream of the crop with those applications and that interview process,” he said, adding more than academics are considered.

“There was another lens that we were looking through,” Kirkland said. “We wanted a stellar student to not only represent the high school to the board and to the community, but we have recently taken a very active role in participating in the San Bernardino County student advisory panel.”

The panel consists of small delegations of students who work with the county supervisor’s office on issues and reforms, Kirkland said, and Yucaipa High has taken a leadership role.

“We saw a great opportunity to not only bring on a great representative for the high school, but somebody who can continue that leadership and fit in that community,” Kirkland said.

As the student board member, Bogh also is part of the associated student body at Yucaipa High. She has a 4.7 academic weighted GPA, runs on the girls cross country and track and field teams and is an Interact Club member.

“I am so excited to be here,” Bogh said after being introduced. “I am excited to work with all these amazing people on this board. Thank you so much for your support.”

Bogh is the daughter of Yucaipa Councilman Greg Bogh and school district board member Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, who is running for Mike Morrell’s state senate seat that will be vacated in 2020 when he terms out.

“On behalf of the board of education, welcome,” board president Chuck Christie said to Bogh. “We are delighted to have you with us.”


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Well appointing the daughter of the councilman and the school board member certainly looks fair and impartial doesnt it?

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